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Cancer breakthrough happened by chance

Darrin Batchelor never imagined his four-year-old daughter’s achy knee would turn his family’s world upside down, but within 14 hours of a visit to the doctor, she was in hospital. On Monday, after Isla went to swimming training, he and wife Sarah decided to book a GP appointment for the next morning. “We got called… Read More »

Topical treatment helps prevent actinic keratosis from developing into skin cancer

Actinic keratoses are small, red, scaly spots that can feel like dry, sandpapery skin. They are a direct result of ultraviolet radiation, which is why they most commonly occur in sun-exposed areas, such as the face, forearms, and hands. Why are actinic keratoses a concern? If left untreated, some actinic keratoses can develop into squamous… Read More »