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Cancer overtakes heart disease as the biggest killer in wealthy countries

LONDON — Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in wealthy countries and could become the world’s biggest killer within just a few decades if current trends persist, researchers said on Tuesday. Publishing the findings of two large studies in The Lancet medical journal, the scientists said they showed evidence of… Read More »

More pharmacies in England to offer free heart checks

More pharmacies in England will start offering people free, on-the-spot heart check-ups from next month. Shoppers would have their blood pressure and cholesterol tested. The programme, which could expand to every pharmacy in England, should prevent up to 150,000 heart attacks and strokes within a decade, say experts. It is part of the government’s plan… Read More »

Barostim Neo Neuromodulation Device for Heart Failure Wins FDA Approval

CVRx, a Minneapolis, Minnesota company, won FDA approval for the first neuromodulation device designed to address heart failure. Intended as a treatment option for patients with an ejection fraction ≤35% and New York Heart Failure Classification of III or II (with recent history of Class III), the device stimulates the carotid artery and in turn… Read More »