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Overprescribing Is a Key Component of the Opioid Crisis — Here’s How to Stop It

By DAVE CHASE  Today’s opioid crisis is one of the most dire side effects driven by our dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system. A recent JAMA Surgery report found that many surgeons prescribe four times more opioids than their patients use. This opens the door for misuse and abuse later on. In fact, the total combined cost… Read More »

A new book everyone's talking about urges us all to 'eat what you want and STOP worrying!'

Eat what you want and STOP worrying! New book claims sugar ISN’T toxic, low-carb diets AREN’T healthier and avoiding dairy is POINTLESS Guides to ‘clean eating’ are often endorsed by ultra-slim celebrities online Diets can spiral out of control and develop into an eating disorder  New book ‘Eat it Anyway’ was released by Eve Simmons… Read More »