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Women, Take Your Heart Attack Symptoms Seriously

You’ve heard that cholesterol can lead to clogged arteries and raise your risk for a heart attack, and that’s true. But what you might not realize is that you can have a heart attack even if your arteries don’t have any blockages. That’s the case for at least one-third of women who’ve had heart attacks,… Read More »

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New Research from the CWMH: Prenatal Supplement Containing Folate May Reduce Depressive Symptoms During Pregnancy

While there is research to support the reproductive safety of many antidepressants, many woman and their providers ask about alternatives to traditional antidepressants in women who are pregnant or planning to conceive.  In a recent study, Dr. Marlene Freeman and colleagues at the Center for Women’s Mental Health explored the use of a folate-based preparation… Read More »

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